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A septic system is composed of two main parts: a septic tank and a septic drain field, also known as a “leach field.” A leach field is a field in which a series of pipes run underground and dispose of wastewater that has been treated in a septic tank. Leach fields generally require that all of these perforated lines are surrounded by a thick layer of gravel and are also buried under sand in order to protect the surface and other groundwater sources from contamination by this particular water. These networks are extremely important for making sure your septic tank continues to digest waste put into it.

However, while a leach field may work properly for years without issue, an issue can lead to major problems that can cause significant damage to your property. Contamination of groundwater, jeopardizing plant life on the surface, and shifting foundations are all issues that could emerge from a leach field, and that means you need to trust a Charleston plumber with experience working with these systems to conduct repairs in an effective and reliable manner.

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Do My Leach Lines Need Service?

For a homeowner who doesn’t have the experience or knowledge of working with leach lines, recognizing problems can be pretty difficult. Leach line problems are often mistaken for other issues, such as your septic tank being full or backed up, and as such many people don’t realize the issue is elsewhere until it’s caused even more damage.

These are just a few of the most common signs of a leach field or leach line issue:

  • Slow draining sinks
  • Clogged toilets
  • Standing water or sewage above ground
  • Strong sewage odors in your home or anywhere in your yard
  • Wastewater backing up in your drain lines

In many cases, homeowners are often inclined to think this means they need a septic tank service, but collapsed or clogged leach lines could be the primary cause of this issue, particularly if the collapse is close to the tank itself. Root intrusion is another huge problem with these lines, as roots often tend to penetrate into lines through the perforations and then grow and expand until the pipe is completely blocked off.

Each leach field repair is unique and our experienced plumbers will give you a fair and accurate description of how they think the problem should best be handled, along with a fair and accurate estimate for the job. We believe in your satisfaction, and we never try to hide fees or costs, leading to a surprising bill when the job is done.

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