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Plumbing Smoke Testing in Charleston

Improve the Efficiency of Your Plumbing with our Leak Detection Services

Smoke testing is a method of plumbing inspection that uses smoke to identify various plumbing issues. The purpose of smoke testing is to detect leaks in your plumbing systems. A smoke test will show where fluid could potentially spill out of the pipes, or where substances (such as rain water) could enter the plumbing systems. It can also be used to detect the presence of explosive methane gas or deadly hydrogen sulfide gas emitting from the pipes.

Preferred Home Services is proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our customers. If you suspect you may have a plumbing leak, be sure to give us a call. Smoke testing is a safe and effective way to pinpoint problems so that repairs can be made.

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How Are Plumbing Smoke Tests Performed?

In the process of a smoke test, our Charleston plumbers will pump safe, artificial smoke into your plumbing systems. Smoke bombs or liquid smoke products are typically used in this process. On the other end of the sewer system, any manholes will be partially blocked to ensure accurate detection of leaks in the plumbing. If the systems being tested are not functioning properly, smoke will enter the building being tested. Conversely, plumbing that is functioning properly, and free of leaks, will direct smoke out of the building.

The smoke will gather close to the cracks in the pipes where substances can leak from, or enter into, the plumbing system. If smoke is found to be leaking outside the rims of the partially blocked-off manholes, a leak will be identified and recorded for repair.

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