With its subtropical climate, South Carolina is a state where homeowners need an effective and efficient HVAC system. When your system is on its last legs and ready for a replacement, you may be eligible for rebates on new energy-efficient systems. As part of a push to become more energy-efficient, funding is available at both the state and federal level to provide rebates to homeowners who update to more eco-friendly options. These savings help make your replacement more affordable, making it an ideal time to invest in your comfort.

Understanding HVAC Rebates

HVAC rebates are discounts provided on qualifying energy-efficient systems to help lower the cost of choosing an eco-friendly system. At the federal level, these rebates come from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) signed into law in 2022, which includes $8.8 billion for Home Energy Rebates. This landmark legislation is a direct commitment to supporting clean energy and addressing climate change. In addition, state-level funding is available from local energy companies to incentivize homeowners to make the switch.

Federal HVAC Rebates

The federal Home Energy Rebate Program funded by the IRA provides over $137 million to South Carolina to be used to fund two programs:

  • HOME Rebates: The HOME rebate program is expected to receive over $68 million in funding to provide rebates for energy-efficient retrofits. Rebate amounts will be determined by the amount of energy saved due to the retrofit and will take into consideration your household income.
  • High Efficiency Electric Home Rebates: The High-Efficiency Electric Home rebates program also expects to receive $68 million. These rebates are based on household incomes and cover a percentage of the project cost.

These rebates are expected to be available to consumers in 2024 and will be available for a wide range of equipment, including electric heat pumps. Information about how to qualify will be available on the Office of State and Community Energy Programs’ Home Energy Rebate Program website.

State-Level HVAC Rebates

When it comes to state-level HVAC rebates, each state offers its own incentives. South Carolina currently offers a variety of rebate programs in order to help homeowners reduce their energy usage through ENERGY STAR® products. For example, Dominion Energy South Carolina currently offers these available rebates:

  • Save $400 to $500 on ENERGY STAR-qualified central air conditioners
  • Save $400 to $500 on ENERGY STAR-qualified heat pumps
  • Save $650 on the replacement of an electric furnace with an ENERGY STAR-qualified heat pump
  • Save $350 on ENERGY STAR-certified natural gas furnaces

How To Apply for HVAC Rebates

While applications for federal rebates are not yet available, you can currently apply for state HVAC rebates. Depending on the energy provider, the process may vary. However, the basics are all fairly similar. Many state rebates require you to apply and be pre-approved before purchasing upgraded equipment. Once you have received a pre-approval letter, you can move forward with finding an HVAC contractor to install the new equipment. Then, return the letter with proof of installation in order to receive your funds.

Choose Preferred Home Services To Upgrade Your HVAC Systems

If you’ve been considering upgrading your home’s HVAC system, there’s never been a better time to invest in your comfort. With available state and federal rebates, you can offset the cost of a new, highly energy-efficient system that will go on to help you save on energy bills for years to come.

When you’re ready to make these cost-effective upgrades, call Preferred Home Services. Our licensed and insured technicians will ensure that you receive a professional installation of your new system to guarantee optimal performance. Plus, with our commitment to your comfort, you’ll experience “The Preferred Difference.”

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