Homeowners count on their sewer lines. They need them to work to move waste away from their homes and keep them running well. When sewer lines aren’t working how they should, it can create many problems.

From unpleasant smells to sewage backing up into their homes, here are some of the most common sewer problems homeowners face.

Sewage Backup

Your sewer lines need a clear path and correct slope to move waste away from your home. If you have a sewage backup in your Greenville home, it could be caused by damaged lines. When sewer lines are damaged, the wastewater cannot flow correctly. 

Over time, the wastewater begins to build up in the sewer lines. It pushes its way back through the pipe to find a way to release pressure. Since it cannot easily go forward, it returns to your home.

Slow Drains

One slow drain is a sign of buildup in that drain line. If any of your drains are slow, it’s a sign that your sewer lines are backing up from a clog or a broken line.

In order to work well, the drains in your home need a clear path. If something like a clog or broken pipe obstructs the path, the wastewater cannot flow away from your home as easily, resulting in slow-moving drains.

Pipe Corrosion

If the sewer lines in your home are made from metal, then over time, they can corrode. The harsh materials and chemicals that come into contact with the pipes can speed the process, but even water can cause corrosion.

If your pipes start to corrode, your sewer lines are at a higher risk of leaks or bursts. The weaker walls of your pipes mean it’s easier for the wastewater to break through. Camera inspections can help you determine if you have sewer pipe corrosion.

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion into sewer lines can create a lot of damage. Plus, it can be expensive to repair. As trees grow, their roots spread, looking for nutrients and water. When the roots find your buried sewer line, they’ve struck gold! 

The roots can grow around the pipes, looking for weak spots or joints. Because the roots are stronger than they look, they can push their way into the sewer line. The roots can create huge clogs or burst pipes.

Sewage Smells

Having foul smells in your home is more than an inconvenience. Sewage smells in your home are a sign that you have poor indoor air quality. It could negatively affect your breathing and create an unpleasant atmosphere in your Greenville home.

Sewage smells can be caused by missing drain caps. Drain caps help keep the wastewater odors inside your sewer lines. Making sure you have drain caps on your P-traps will help eliminate sewage smells in your home.

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