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South Carolina experiences hazy, hot, and humid conditions, which is ideal for a day at the beach but not so much with air conditioning performance.

Recommended for warmer climates, ductless mini-splits are eco-friendly and offer optimal efficiency. AC boxes/units in your rooms include individualized zone settings that work with a sophisticated outdoor compressor. Expertly adjust the temperatures to your favorite settings instead of blasting AC into areas you are not using. 

Understanding the South Carolina Climate

The summers in South Carolina can be hot and humid, which can make it difficult for traditional cooling systems to maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. Ductless mini-splits provide a solution by employing intelligent onboard systems and wireless remotes with zoning capabilities.

Instead of cooling your entire home, they allow for targeted cold air to be directed into specific rooms that you use the most or where you do not have any ductwork, such as attics, in-law suites, or the garage. Additionally, if there happens to be a chilly night, you can easily switch to toasty warm heat with just the flick of a switch.

The Advantages of Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-split systems are revolutionizing the way homeowners think about their heating and cooling solutions. The many benefits they offer can significantly improve your long-term return on investment, including:

1. Energy Efficiency

Mini-splits or dual-purpose HVAC systems use inverter technology to lower annual cooling output based on the cooling needs in a room, and some include special econo cool mode features. 

In comparing the energy energy-saving ratings of mini-splits versus traditional HVACs, DOE-compliant mini-splits with SEER ratings over 20 are 300% more efficient. 

While some homes have furnaces, heat pumps are underutilized in South Carolina. However, ductless systems run less energy with refrigeration cycling than standard furnaces that combust or burn fuel.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

You deserve a comfortable and healthy home, and your indoor air quality matters. 

Ductless mini-splits eliminate the need for ductwork, which can accumulate dust, allergens, and other pollutants and irritants. 

With built-in air filtration systems, mini-splits can remove contaminants and improve airflow in your home.

3. Flexibility and Customization

Easy to install, ductless mini-splits allow for flexibility in placement within the home. With an outdoor condenser and refrigerant lines that connect to indoor air handlers, the units/boxes inside can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. 

Create customized temperature zones in different rooms and never worry about uncomfortable moisture buildup indoors from high humidity again!

4. Cost Savings

Consider installing ductless mini-splits for cost savings. These systems are more efficient and have zoning capabilities, resulting in lower energy consumption and utility bills. Additionally, there may be potential tax credits and rebates available, up to $3,200. Forced air systems, on the other hand, rely on ducts to transfer air, which can result in a loss of up to 25%.

Why Choose Preferred for Your Ductless Mini-Split Installation?

Traditional ACs lose their efficiency with age. However, mini-splits are versatile, compact, and cost-saving. Using straightforward installation, access zoned settings for ice-cold air on-demand in your attic, garage, or whole-home.

While South Carolina’s climate is muggy, homeowners can expertly improve energy performance and lower repair costs. Take advantage of the conservation and comfort ductless mini-splits provide by booking an installation service with us today.

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