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Dealing With A Broken Garbage Disposal?

Garbage Disposal Services in Charleston

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Garbage disposals are useful devices for any kitchen, residential or commercial. Not only does it make your life easier, your garbage disposal also plays a vital role in keeping your drains clear and flowing freely. Keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape by calling on the expert plumbers at Preferred Home Services! We offer comprehensive garbage disposal services in Charleston and the surrounding areas, offering everything from new disposal installation to complete repairs and replacements. Our trucks are fully stocked to repair on the spot, no matter the make or model.

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What Causes Garbage Disposals to Stop Working?

Garbage disposals’ primary purpose is to break down relatively soft food particles before they are washed down the drain. This helps stop clogs from forming and keeps drains clear. However, many people misuse garbage disposals, due to the common misconception that they’re able to chop up just about anything. In reality, garbage disposals are not intended to break down many types of items. Attempting to do so can lead to broken garbage disposals and other problems.

To reduce the risk of garbage disposal problems, avoid putting any of the following through the disposal:

  • Grease or cooking oils
  • Starches, like pasta, potato peels, or rice
  • Fibrous foods, like celery
  • Non-organic items, like plastic or metal
  • Fruit pits, bones, or other hard food particles
  • Coffee grounds

Additionally, you should always run cold water while the garbage disposal is on to ensure that food bits are fully pushed through. Hot water can cause things like grease, oil, and starches to liquefy and pass through the disposal, but they will only solidify further on down the drain, potentially leading to a clog. Of course, even with proper use, garbage disposals are subject to routine wear and tear. No matter the reason your garbage disposal has stopped working, you can count on Preferred Home Services for fast, affordable garbage disposal repairs in Charleston.

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