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Go Preferred! - New System Installation Process

New HVAC Installation Information

Learn About the Process From Our Charleston HVAC Team

If you’re interested in purchasing a new HVAC system for your home, you may be curious what you can expect throughout the process. After all, this is a major investment in your home and you want to make sure you know what to expect. At Preferred Home Services, we want you to be comfortable and confident in knowing that choosing us was the best decision, and that your home is in capable and caring hands who will exceed your expectations.

As such, we want to make all customers, both existing and potential, completely aware of the process for purchasing a new air conditioner. We want to ensure there are no surprises, including unexpected visits, phone calls, or steps to your installation. Here is just a brief explanation of how we install new HVAC systems for our customers.

The steps of installing a new air conditioning and heating system include:

  • Initial meetings: Full inspection of your existing system, including sizing, ductwork, hot/cold spots, and any aesthetic concerns. Heat load calculation for heat loss/gain and sizing adjustment to compensate. Generally takes 30 to 90 minutes, and can be done at your convenience.
  • Signing the contract: We custom-design the perfect air conditioning & heating solution for your home and figure out the exact cost as well as the time to complete the project. We then go over the paperwork with you, work out financing, and schedule your installation date.
  • Installation day: Our team arrives to your home with your new system and the tools to complete the setup. Once the work is completed, we go over your new thermostat and operation instructions with you, and leave you with a packet of important information you need to know, including warranty and rebate information as well as operations manuals. You’re ready to enjoy your new system!

Here is the process in greater detail.

Initial Meetings

The first step of the process is our initial meeting. This means we’ll send one of our representatives out to you to inspect your existing system, both indoor and outdoor, for everything from type, sizing, ductwork, and other specifics to your home. We go through your home with you, room by room, and discuss any hot or cold spots, airflow issues, and even aesthetic needs. We also do a heat load calculation, which measures how much heat your home is gaining or losing depending on the season.

From there, we’ll be able to help you choose the best system that’s perfectly sized to your home and provide you with an estimate for the replacement service. These typically take anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes and we always make sure to do this at a time that’s convenient for you.

Signing the Contract

When we’ve gathered all of the necessary information, we’ll custom-design your air conditioning and heating system that perfectly fits into your home. This allows us to come up with the exact final cost of your system installation and figure out how long the replacement will take (most projects can be done in about a day but those that require more extensive work may take a few days or more).

From there, we’ll go through the paperwork with you, work out financing, help you with any rebates and warranties, and then schedule your installation date.

Installation Day Procedures

When your installation day arrives, our team will show up at your home with your new heating and air conditioning equipment, plus all the tools and materials necessary to complete the job. Our team of installation technicians are all highly-trained, talented, and efficient, which allows us to back up all our work with guarantees. We always make sure to treat your home with the utmost respect, and we always make sure we keep our work area clean.

Once the work is complete and your new system is up and running, we will go over your new thermostat with you, teach you how to operate all of the new features, and give you any other important information that you need to know. You’ll also receive a welcome packet that’s packed with warranty, rebate, and equipment information. You'll also have an opportunity to sign up for our Preferred Partner Plan to maintain your new system and take advantage of valuable benefits.

After that, your home is done and you’re ready to enjoy your new HVAC equipment!

To start the new HVAC system process for yourself, call Preferred Home Services today at (843) 474-6565!

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