If you own a garbage disposal, you might not think much about how you use it until it becomes a problem. But your garbage disposal can’t actually tackle anything and everything you might throw at it, not even all foods. It’s a powerful machine that can add a lot of convenience to your daily routine — but it has its limits.

Learn the dos and don’ts of garbage disposal usage, including:

  • What you can’t put down your disposal
  • How to keep your disposal in good working order
  • Why you shouldn’t grind up anything outside of food waste

How To Use A Garbage Disposal Safely

Your garbage disposal can grind up most food products without any issue. To make the most of this kitchen gadget and avoid issues, stick to these rules:

  • Always operate your disposal with cold water, despite seeming like it might run cleaner and faster with hot water. Ensure food that congeals is as broken up as possible before putting it in your disposal.
  • Cut up large food items to keep your disposal from getting clogged or jammed. You can put most foods down your disposal as long as they aren’t sticky, won’t congeal into a solid when cold, won’t expand when wet, or won’t break down into a glue-like substance.
  • Clean your disposal. Add a few ice cubes and lemons, or use a baking soda and vinegar mixture to clean your drains as well. Discouraging mold and mildew from growing in your disposal and the drains beyond will keep it smelling better and less likely to get clogged or jammed.

What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal use is mostly about what not to do. Always ensure your disposal is clear of utensils and other inorganic objects, and don’t force-feed things down it, lest your hand end up inside of it accidentally.

As for food, don’t use your garbage disposal to grind:

  • Non-food items like paper towels or coffee filters
  • Starchy foods and grains likely to swell with water such as rice, potato peels, or pasta
  • Grease, butter, and other fats and oils
  • Coffee grounds
  • Hard foods like bones or fruit pits
  • Fibrous, stringy vegetables like celery or asparagus

You especially don’t want to use hot water to get grease and the like through your disposal if you can avoid it, as this hot liquid grease will cool and congeal deep in your pipes and may eventually contribute to clogs affecting your entire home.

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