South Carolina is the third most hurricane-prone state in the U.S., so it’s important to plan, prepare, and protect your HVAC system from storm related-damages.

Our team at Preferred Home Services wants to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to minimize damage to your unit with these easy-to-follow tips on getting your HVAC system hurricane-ready.

Raise Your Outdoor Unit

HVAC systems are water-resistant from rain but not standing, stagnant water. When your outdoor AC unit is flooded, not only can repairs be costly, but the unit can also cause a fire and breed infectious bacteria brought in by floodwater.

Your outdoor unit can likely stay in the same place. You can install a small concrete platform that’s the same size or slightly bigger than your unit and place your unit on top.

Lower the Thermostat Right Before a Storm Hits

Hurricanes can cause malfunctions or damage to power grids and other energy sources during a severe storm.

Lowering the temperature on your thermostat just before the storm, before covering your outdoor unit, will help keep your home comfortable for longer, especially if you have an unexpected power outage.    

Move Possible Projectiles

Hurricane winds are no joke — a Category 1 storm can have winds starting at 74 miles per hour up to a Category 5 storm, with winds moving at 157 miles per hour.

Protect your HVAC system from everyday outdoor items that become dangerous projectiles during a hurricane, such as lawn chairs, tables, potted plants, and umbrellas.

Cover Your Outdoor Unit During the Storm

Turn your unit off, cover it with a tarp, and secure the tarp with hurricane straps right before the storm hits.

This will prevent dirt buildup and flying debris from damaging your unit and help keep small animals from seeking shelter during the storm.

Post-Storm HVAC Cleanup & Inspection

In the aftermath of a storm, it’s important to inspect your unit. Remove fallen debris and windswept projectiles from around the unit. You should also visually inspect your unit for any physical damage.

If you notice any damage or are unsure of your unit’s condition, contact an HVAC specialist for a professional air conditioning inspection and tune-up to be safe.

Some damages occur within your system and are more easily identified and repaired by a professional, such as electrical issues, parts knocked loose by wind and debris, or internal water damage.

At Preferred Home Services, we offer same-day services in Charleston and Greenville, SC, so we’re ready to repair your HVAC unit so your home can stay comfortable after the storm.

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