Tree root infiltration, corrosion, and clogging can all put a strain on your sewer lines, causing them to malfunction. Rooter service is specifically designed to resolve these problems deep within your system. Using a rooter drain cleaning machine, plumbing professionals will be able to resolve the cause of the issue and restore full functionality to your sewer line in no time.

Why Do I Need Rooter Service?

Rooter services is the name given to plumbing services that address drain cleaning or pipe repair. Originally, tree roots were the main culprits responsible for clogging sewer lines, which is where the name “rooter” comes from. However, rooter services now refer to all sorts of pesky plumbing problems that lie deep within your system. Homeowners may require rooter service when:

  • Their toilets are making gurgling noises.
  • Their drains are slow or not draining at all.
  • Multiple drains are backed up simultaneously.
  • Wastewater backs up into one plumbing fixture while another is in use.
  • Wastewater backup has flooded their home.

Homeowners must have these problems resolved by a professional plumber as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to their plumbing systems and personal belongings.

What Happens During Rooter Service?

Once you’ve requested rooter service in your South Carolina home, your plumber will arrive to evaluate the issue. Using a wide variety of advanced plumbing tools, they will pinpoint the problem to deliver the best solution. Depending on the specific issue affecting your system, this may involve:

  • Video camera drain inspections
  • Testing or turning on plumbing fixtures to observe malfunctions and failures
  • Visual plumbing fixture inspections
  • Snaking one or more drains to remove clogs
  • Removing portions of your piping system to eliminate blockages
  • Repairing sewer pipes that have been corroded, cracked, or damaged
  • Replacing sewer lines or pipes that are sagging, collapsing, infiltrated by tree roots, or irreparably damaged

If the damage to your system is particularly bad, your plumber may recommend sewer line replacement as your only solution. Depending on your specific situation, you’ll have one of two options for replacing your sewer line:

  • Traditional sewer line replacement: This means excavating your yard and digging up the old sewer lines to replace them when they are sagging, collapsed, or bellied.
  • Trenchless sewer line replacement: This less-invasive option does not require digging up the lawn and is typically used when sewer lines are still sufficiently intact.

Who Do I Call for Rooter Service in Charleston & Greenville, SC?

Preferred Home Services has the superior rooter services you need when your plumbing system suffers serious clogs, drainage problems, and sewer line damage. Our plumbing professionals are available to resolve even the toughest sewer line problems, providing the rapid-response rooter services that families need.

If you need rooter services in Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina, look no further than Preferred Home Services to get the job done right. Call us at 843-405-3601 to schedule rooter services with our team today!