As residential home energy costs rise, Lowcountry homeowners often look for ways to save money on their heating bills. 

Lowering your electric bill can help you get through the coldest seasons with peace of mind. Here are a few practical steps to keep your home energy-efficient and comfortable this winter.

Weather Sealing and Caulking

Depending on how old your windows and doors are, keeping air out is essential to lowering energy costs. 

A great way to keep the heat insulated in your home is by sealing and caulking your windows and doors. An effective way to keep the cold air from escaping, it also helps to keep the heat toasty warm indoors.

Set an Ideal Temperature

If you have an older thermostat, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat, digital version, or energy-efficient model. 

Setting your room temperature ideally to 68 degrees can help ensure you do not have unexpectedly high energy costs. Factor in that having a fire in your fireplace can also heat your rooms and keep the temperature warmer. 

If you have a heat pump in addition to your HVAC unit, only lower the temperature by 1 to 2 degrees at a time, as this can also help to reduce your energy costs and increase your savings.

Change Your Air Filter

Keeping your air filters clean is something you might not consider when it comes to your home’s heating. However, a dirty filter can lead to increased energy usage as it causes more wear and tear and damage to your heating system. 

Consider setting a filter reminder on your calendar. Routinely changing your air filters every season is a proactive step that will pay off as your energy bill decreases. Your health can also improve by filtering out pollutants and irritants and increasing your home’s indoor air quality.

Set Your Mini-Split System to “Auto” Mode

For homeowners with a duct or ductless mini-split system for their heating services, setting it to automatic is another way to reduce heating costs. 

By setting your system to standard and letting it self-adjust, when the outside temperature dips, you are putting less demand on your heating source. 

If your automatic setting sticks or malfunctions, hit the reset feature to restore its default settings.

Schedule a Heating System Tune-Up

One of the best steps you can take as a Lowcountry homeowner is to set up a furnace or HVAC tune-up. Preventative maintenance is crucial to catching minor problems early. 

Here are a few tasks that will be taken care of during the tune-up:

  • Checking the fan belt tension and lubricating the motor bearings
  • Tightening your electrical connections and conducting current and voltage checks.
  • Inspecting your oil or gas line connections and verify your system controls.
  • Changing your air filter, calibrating your thermostat, and testing your carbon monoxide levels.
  • Testing your exhaust and ignition systems and inspecting and cleaning your burner.

An experienced HVAC technician can help your heating system operate more efficiently, remedy minor problems to avoid breakdowns, and improve your heating performance.  

Choose Preferred To Maintain Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in Charleston, SC

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To experience the Preferred Difference, let us help protect your home and comfort during the year’s coldest months. 

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