According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling alone account for nearly half of a home’s energy costs! I know what you are thinking… Yikes! And as much as we all love living in the lowcountry, I think we can all admit that the humid summer temperatures can be brutal! This makes it tempting to lower that thermostat down a few more degrees to achieve that comfortably cold atmosphere in our home… but is that always the best option for our wallet?

Here are some tips to keeping your house generally cooler during those hot southern summers and to hopefully keep that electricity bill as low as possible!!

Keep Your Energy Indoors

This is the easiest and most important tip!! Any kind of holes or cracks in your wall could be an easy way for your cool air to escape! This is also true for poorly weathered windows or windows without weather stripping. Make sure windows and doors are properly sealed so that no cold air is leaking out. And, of course, make sure to keep the damper of your fireplace closed if it is not in use (Which, based on how hot it is, I doubt it will be in use!)

Use Proper Insulation

Having the right insulation in your home can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. It’s simple! Insulation keeps rooms at a consistent temperature, which is definitely ideal when the weather outside is scorching hot. The better insulated your home is then the lower your energy costs would be too, as your unit will not have to work as hard.

Putting Up Some Thermal Curtains

Oh yeah, you read that right. This is by far the most fun and easiest of the options! Thermal curtains create a dead air space around the windows of your room, behind the curtains. This will lessen the amount of air infiltration and transfer of heat. By simply hanging up a temperature-proof curtain over your window, the heat from the sun is reflected back to the outside, and makes your AC unit’s job much easier!

Switch to a “Smart Thermostat”

Most of us don’t think twice about our thermostats and how they could be improved. After all, there really haven’t been a lot of alternative options. Until recently, that is. Not only could this upgrade make a break for your wallet, but it’s all around a more convenient set up! Smart thermostats make it possible to remotely adjust your thermostat from anywhere on your smartphone, so long as you have internet connection. There are so many other benefits to this option such as setting a temperature schedule, energy charting to know how much energy is being used in your home, displaying humidity ratings in your home and other personalized options as well. Having the power and ease of controlling your thermostat at all times is proven to have a positive change on your energy bill!

Keep Your AC Unit Properly Serviced

Routine service for your unit is a simple way to extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure your comfort all year long. As your air conditioner runs throughout the year it can accumulate dirt and grime in areas that affect its efficiency, like the motor fan and condensing coils. Left unchecked your AC system can lessen in efficiency each year because of buildup. Meaning it can’t cool your house!! It is recommended by most HVAC technicians to do a routine tune-up at least every 12 months.


When you schedule your tune-up, our friendly and highly trained technicians will run a full diagnostic of your system and perform a variety of services, including cleaning dirty condenser coils, checking refrigerant, inspecting and testing controls, replacing dirty filters, and much more!

For regular air conditioning tune-up services you can trust, look to Preferred Home Services – call our team at 843-405-3601 or contact us online.