Maintaining your Charleston home’s furnace means routinely replacing its filter. While furnaces can technically run without a filter, doing so can negatively impact your system’s functionality and efficiency. More importantly, operating your furnace without a filter can create health problems for you and your family as your indoor air quality suffers. Furnace filters are easy to change, making this necessary maintenance quick and painless for homeowners. And if you’re unsure how to change your furnace filter, you can always contact an expert professional to help guide you through the process to improve your home comfort, efficiency, and system performance.

Why Is Your Charleston Furnace Filter Important?

Your furnace filter is responsible for more than just keeping the air indoors free of dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. It also keeps these materials from building up within your system and causing mechanical malfunction or premature breakdown. A furnace operates by first sucking in air through its blower fan. This air then passes through the air filter to catch unwanted particles before they travel through your heating unit and the air in your home. If your air filter is left to accumulate excess dust, dirt, and debris, the following can occur:

  • Inability to stay warm despite turning the heat higher
  • Poorer airflow and circulation throughout the home
  • Increased monthly energy expenses due to poor efficiency
  • Increased repair needs and risk of premature breakdown due to system overheating

Furnace filters should be replaced at least once a month to ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible. If you don’t have a replacement filter handy, operating your system without one for a day or two until you obtain one won’t cause excess damage. However, when left in permanent operation without a filter, homeowners can place their systems at significant risk.

Is It Dangerous to Run Your Charleston Furnace Without a Filter?

The purpose of an air filter is meant to keep your HVAC system clean, especially around its blower motors and evaporator coils. By continuously running your furnace without a filter, you can experience the following:

  • Poor Air Quality: Without an air filter, airborne contaminants are free to roam throughout the home and wreak havoc on your indoor air quality.
  • Contaminated Ductwork: Not only will debris travel throughout your home, but it can collect and hide within your ductwork, where harbored moisture creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth.

Without a filter in place, homeowners increase the risk of harmful airborne contaminants negatively impacting both their system’s health and the health of themselves and their families. Luckily, changing out your filter is an easy process that does not require one to be an HVAC expert to achieve!

How to Change Your Charleston Furnace Filter

Swapping out your furnace filter takes just four simple steps, and Charleston homeowners can easily accomplish the process on their own through the following:

  • Locate the Filter: Before getting started, be sure to shut off your furnace. The filter will either be inside the furnace itself or inside the return air vent. If you’re still unsure about your filter location, refer to your user manual for guidance.
  • Identify Your Replacement Filter Type: Your furnace filter will have its size displayed on its frame, which will vary depending on the unit’s size and model. This information can also be located in your user manual should you have difficulty locating this information on the frame itself.
  • Remove the Old Filter: After purchasing your replacement filter, remove the old one from your unit and dispose of it properly. The old filter should show arrows that indicate the direction of airflow that will help you understand how to insert the new filter.
  • Secure the Filter: Remove the packaging from your replacement filter and slide the filter into place using the directional arrows for guidance. Close the furnace service panel and turn the furnace back on.

If you still have trouble with the furnace filter replacement process, don’t hesitate to contact your Preferred Home Services HVAC contractor for assistance. Our team is happy to provide you with the exceptional service and customer care you deserve to keep your home comfortable, efficient, and free of harmful debris.

When to Contact Preferred Home Services for Your Charleston Furnace Services

If your furnace has operated without a filter for a prolonged period of time, you’ll need to call your Preferred Home Services HVAC provider for system maintenance. Our team offers a high-performance, 21-point system inspection to ensure all your furnace’s key components are operating exactly as they should. And when you need replacement filters for your unit, we offer the products you need to achieve improved air quality in your home.

Call our team at (843) 405-3601 to schedule furnace maintenance for your Charleston home today!