For most toilet problems, an inexpensive repair is all that is required to restore it to normal operation. There are times when replacing a toilet is the best option, however, but the process is relatively fast and simple when done by a qualified professional. To learn whether toilet repair or replacement is the best choice for your Charleston home, follow this simple guide:

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When to Consider Toilet Repairs

Most toilet problems are easy and inexpensive to repair. As long as your toilet works well, is not physically damaged or cracked, and fits nicely with your bathroom décor, repair is often the best option. A professional plumber can make quick work of nearly any toilet problem, including:

  • Toilet clogs
  • Leaking supply lines
  • Malfunctioning supply valves
  • Leaking fill valves
  • Constant running
  • Leaking flapper or flush valves
  • Damaged float assembly
  • Incomplete or weak flushes
  • Underfilled or overfilled tanks
  • Leaks between tank and bowl
  • Leaking wax ring
  • Leaks from the base of the toilet

Most toilet parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available, so replacement is necessary only in a few cases, typically.

When to Replace a Toilet

Replacing an old toilet makes the most sense under the following conditions:

  • It is damaged – Most toilets are made from porcelain or other ceramics, and once they crack or break, they must be replaced. Even fine cracks can cause leaks and water damage.
  • It uses an ineffective water-saving design – Early water-saving toilets often offered subpar performance, leading to clogs or excessive water usage due to multiple flushes. New water-saving designs offer improved performance while still reducing water usage significantly.
  • It uses excessive amounts of water – If you have high water bills, replacing your toilet can cut down on your water usage dramatically. Toilets made before the 1990s often used 2 to 5 gallons of water per flush, while today’s models use 1.6 gallons or less.
  • It needs frequent repairs – If your toilet needs to be repaired often, an upgrade may offer better performance without the extra repair costs.
  • Parts are hard to find – If parts are unavailable for your particular toilet, it should be replaced.
  • It works poorly – If your toilet cannot dispose of waste in an effective and sanitary manner, it needs to be replaced.
  • It does not match your décor – If you are updating your bathroom or have renovated recently, your toilet may no longer match its surroundings. Consider a new toilet to complete the look.
  • You would like the latest features – Today’s toilets often offer additional features like dual flush cycles, ultra-low water usage, built-in bidets, or accessibility features like more comfortable heights.

The Toilet Replacement Process

It is best to have a professional plumber replace your toilet. This ensures that your new toilet will work correctly, and that any damage caused by the old toilet is addressed properly. The process will typically include:

  • Disconnecting the supply line and removing the old toilet
  • Having any damaged flooring repaired or replaced
  • Installing a flange adapter or repairing a damaged flange, if necessary
  • Cleaning the flange
  • Assembling the toilet
  • Installing a new wax ring
  • Setting the toilet and shimming it, if required
  • Connecting the supply line
  • Testing toilet operation

Most toilet replacements will take a few hours or less when done by an experienced professional.

Toilet Replacement & Repair in Charleston, SC

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